Your body naturally produces more lactic acid than usual during intense exercise, it’s possible that the strain of bacteria can help thwart those effects
— Jonathan Scheiman, Co-Founder & CEO

“ We’re trying to understand what makes these elite athletes unique, extract that information and provide it to benefit and promote general health and well-being, in athletes and one day in the general population. ” 
Jonathan Scheiman, Co-founder & CEO

Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

Credit: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

“ Genomics-based probiotic nutritional supplements that could enhance performance in every-day-athletes. ”

Wyss Institute Disruptive

In this episode of Disruptive, Wyss Core Faculty member George Church and Wyss Postdoctoral Fellow Jonathan Scheiman discuss collecting and sequencing gut bacteria of elite athletes to produce customized probiotics - and the potential that these probiotics could give recipients access to some of the biological advantages that make those athletes elite.